Thai Chicken Patty with Lime and Mint on Easy Pad Thai Noodles


In all honestly… I recently went on a rant about how I would choose beef burgers over chicken burgers any day. So when Chinese had the idea to make chicken burger patties I wasn’t particularly excited. Well… I take it back!!! These Thai chicken patties were absolutely amazing! So let me introduce the star of the show: super moist spicy Thai chicken patties with lime zest, finely chopped mint, spring onion and chili. These Thai chicken patties are just bursting with lovely contrasting fresh and spicy flavors. I’m telling you, any skeptics out there, you must try this recipe! All it takes is couple easy steps:

We started by breaking up some chicken minced meat in a mixing bowl. We used 300 grams to make four medium sized patties. We seasoned the chicken with salt and fresh ground black pepper, and mixed in about a tablespoon of bread crumbs. The bread crumbs make sure that the patties don’t fall apart and that they get the perfect amount of crunch. We then added the zest of a lime and a little bit of lime juice to the mixture. We continued by adding some very finely chopped mint, spring onion, chili, fresh ginger, garlic and lemon grass. After combining all the ingredients with a spatula we we’re ready to finalize the master pieces by carefully shaping the patties and grilling them in sesame oil. We ate the Thai chicken patties on a simple Pad Thai with some broccoli in oyster sauce. A recipe for this will be up on our blog soon! However, these Thai chicken patties would also be great in lettuce wraps or in sourdough buns with a coriander slaw. Now that im reflecting on these chicken patties, I’m thinking that they would also be great with a drizzle of sweet chili sauce. Ah I can’t wait to try these combinations next! These Thai chicken burgers were simply divine.




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