Salmon Poke Bowl with Crispy Salmon Skin

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Poke is probably one of our favorite things to make. We made this poke bowl with raw salmon, surimi crab and fried crispy salmon skin. It was absolutely delicious! So this is how we assembled this bowl of heaven…

We started by cooking sushi rice in our newly acquired rice cooker, then marinating our raw salmon (if you have money to blow, buy sashimi grade – if you’re like us, just use supermarket salmon and risk getting a tummy ache). For making poke, we marinate our fish in sesame oil and soy sauce. Since our salmon came skin-on, we decided to slice the skin off and fry it in some sesame oil – it was incredibly crispy and a great topping for the poke bowl. We then of course added the traditional seaweed salad (store-bought), sliced avocado and spring onion. Everything was carefully arranged on top of the bed of rice, making this dish very easy on the eye, if we may say so myself. Look at all the colors! Apart from that, it was super tasty. We are both suckers for raw fish. If it were up to us, we would never cook our salmon again! This dish is best served with a bit of soy sauce or wasabi mayo on the side. That day we were drinking a lovely British pear cider, which was a good combination – but a white wine would be lovely too. All in all, poke is one of our favorite things to eat and this will definitely not be the last time we make it!


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