Minty pea soup with bacon and parmesan croutons

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The traditional Dutch green split pea soup is our guilty pleasure winter comfort food. But even in the winter, we often like our soups nice and fresh, so we made our own delicious version of a minty pea soup. What can we say, mint is simply a magical herb. Oh, and bacon… that’s magical too. So if you want this magical minty pea soup with bacon and parmesan croutons in your life… read on.

In a large pot we started by boiling a roughly chopped up carrot in vegetable stock, along with a sprinkle of cayenne, paprika powder, salt and freshly ground black pepper. And of course, a good amount of diced garlic. The carrot gives it some extra body and adds a little sweetness to the soup. A few minutes later we threw in the peas. We didn’t want to boil the peas for all too long, to make sure we would retain the vibrant color of the peas. Meanwhile, we fried some diced bacon and onion. Once the peas and carrots were done cooking, we set aside some of the peas and onion, which we threw back in the soup after pureeing the rest of the onion, carrots and peas in the stock. This adds a little extra bite. And of course, we also pureed a big handful of mint into the soup. Now this is the part where you do a taste test and you will probably find out you need to add more garlic. We then drizzled in some lime juice for extra freshness.

For the croutons, we ripped up a fresh sour dough baguette into large bite-size pieces and fried these in the left over bacon fat with some extra olive oil and lots of parmesan. The bacon fat makes the croutons perfectly salty and the parmesan makes them perfectly crunchy. We’d give these croutons an 8 on the crunch-o-meter.

We put the minty pea soup into bowls and added a swirl of thin full-fat yogurt. Again, if we may say so ourselves, this recipe is the perfect combination of textures and flavors. If you want to up your soup game, you need to try this!


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