Homemade Pizza with Mushrooms, Thyme, Red Onion, Prosciutto, Fresh Pesto and Garlic-Herbed Sour Cream

IMG_9353 copy

IMG_9354 copy

Pizzaaaa. There are very few days that go past and we don’t crave pizza. Sometimes you have those lazy days when nothing is better than ordering a pizza and eating it while watching TV. But… just like burgers… we’re all about next level pizza. Pizza margarita? It’s classy, but… we need something a little bit more sassy. (Unless its a five cheese pizza, then its all good.) Besides, we really enjoy getting creative with our favorite pizza toppings, and all in all, its just a fun activity.

So we picked up some of our favorite toppings in the store and got creative with the leftovers we still had. We started by making a basic pizza dough, and once we rolled it out nice and thin we spread on a decent amount of tomato sauce and sprinkled on lots of gouda cheese. After this, we continued by roughly chopping our pizza toppings: red onion, prosciutto, shiitake, shimeji and oyster mushrooms. Don’t worry you do not have to go to the forrest to pick all these mushrooms… you can often buy a nice mushroom mix at the supermarket. All these toppings are really a lovely combination of textures and flavors. We continued by mixing some sour cream with dried thyme, oregano, salt, pepper and lots of garlic – to make a delicious sour cream sauce. But of course, you can really add any herb you like to this garlic-herbed sour cream sauce. As Chef John, our favorite food youtuber, would say: you’re the boss of your own sauce. Now you’re ready to throw on the toppings, and dob on the garlic-herbed sour cream, as well as some fresh pesto. Finally, for the cherry on the cake, top it off with some strands of fresh thyme. The fresh thyme crisps up in the oven and really intensifies the flavor of this wonderful pizza. 15 minutes in the oven on 200 degrees celsius and dinner is served. Oh so crispy… just perfect for a night in!


Cheese and Chinese


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