Cheese’s Monthly Food Diary

For this month’s food diary let me start with my cheese highlight. Yes, its a beautiful, delicious, soft chunk of burrata lightly drizzled with olive oil, accompanied by some tomatoes and fresh basil. It was a magical gift from my mom. I need to learn how to make this myself.. but first I need to master my mozzarella making. With the burrata caprese we ate some crayfish with lemon, which didn’t require any cooking because I got them frozen from Ikea! They require a little effort but its totally worth it because they’re cray good!


This month I also indulged in some seafood at the Seafood Bar in Amsterdam. The picture says it all. It was a delicious seafood platter with a great variety of seafood and it was quite a decent amount for the price!


At the Seafood Bar we also got this lovely ceviche. After my trip to Peru, I’ve been ordering ceviche whenever its on the menu, which didn’t happen very often until recently. It seems that ceviche is becoming quite a food trend and I’ve recently seen it in various types of restaurants and food trucks! This ceviche is quite unique: with cod, basil, lemon and mango. I actually ate it twice this month, which is inspiring me to make it myself again some time soon.


This was the other ceviche I ate in a restaurant called Deja Vu in Hilversum. This was a ceviche from herring with a blini from beetroot. It was absolutely amazing. And this was just one of the amazing courses from this divine five-course dinner. If you ever happen to randomly be in Hilversum, you need to go here. These are some of the other courses I had:


A crepe filled with peking duck, spring onion, cucumber and hoi sin sauce, paired with some sweet-sour veggies. Again.. it was simply delicious.


A lovely lightly smoked monkfish served with creamy parmesan risotto and topped with cream of mussel. How do they do this? I need to know!


A tenderloin served with a sauce made from fresh chanterelles, cognac, pepper and cream. They served it with a mini potato pancake and some courgette. Wahhh.. it was just breathtaking. Oh and note to self: I need to make some of these potato pancakes.. they’re so cute and delicious!


So now the two burgers of the month, which both also need to be remade in our own kitchen. So let me tell you something.. when I order a cheese burger.. I don’t quite appreciate it if they don’t take their cheese game seriously. But these cheese burgers probably won the olympics of cheese burgers. They deserve a trophy and a throne if you ask me. This first burger features a massive block of blue cheese, bacon, onion chutney, avocado, cheddar cheese, and beef, of course. I ate this piece of heaven somewhere in Amsterdam and I can’t believe I forgot the name of the restaurant! Because I need this burger in my life again!


And again… another next level cheese burger. I ate this a while back at one of those food truck festivals, but I had to share this with you guys. To my surprise this burger didn’t feature any meat, but instead it featured a huge block of delicious fried cheese. I’d feel so guilty remaking this but it has to be done.. I just don’t have choice.. because it was cheese perfection.


Last but not least, we treated ourselves to some lovely pork dumplings and steamed these with some long stemmed broccoli in our bamboe steamer. That reminds me, we need to make more in this steamer, because the possibilities are endless!

So yeah, this month I treated myself to lots of fish and cheese. You can be expecting some creative recreations to some of these dishes. Going out to eat is just a great excuse to get some foodspiration!




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