Truffle cheese fondue

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It’s the holiday time of the year, and this means christmas trees, family, friends, presents, hot chocolate and cheese fondue. Okay, maybe not in that combination but you get the point.. winter holidays go hand in hand with cheese fondue. Well at least in my world it does. We gave this cheese fondue a lovely truffle twist. I know that sounds fancy right?

But this recipe wasn’t all too harsh on our wallets because we picked up some truffle cheese and sharp gouda cheese at Lidl from their deluxe christmas collection! For those of you in Europe, you need to check out this collection in your nearest Lidl! They have so many special products for such a good price!

So we started by grating 200 gram of truffle cheese and 200 gram of sharp gouda cheese. We sprinkled this with some corn starch. This makes sure that the cheese stays the perfect consistency. We prepared the pan by rubbing it with a clove of garlic. We then poured about a cup of dry white wine into the pan, and added some salt, pepper, and a sprinkle of cayenne. Then we continued by slowly adding in the grated cheese. Meanwhile we toasted a sour dough baguette in the oven with olive oil and sliced some peppers and mushrooms.

And thats it! It’s a super easy, delicious recipe for the holidays! The truffle in the cheese really does taste absolutely divine. Oh, and look at that cheese action shot.. mmhmmm


Cheese and Chinese


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