Ceviche with mango and sweet potato pancakes

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Since my trip back from Peru, I’ve been ordering ceviche ever single time I saw it on the menu. That didn’t happen very often until recently. It seems that ceviche has been becoming a bit of a food trend and we love it! So it was time that we would make some ceviche ourselves again, and this time we gave it a lovely tropical twist with some sweet mango. We paired it with mini sweet potato pancakes. This is a super easy, delicious and light appetizer, which would be lovely to serve with a Christmas dinner!

The ceviche

For the two of us we bought 350 gram of super fresh cod from the market, 8 limes, 1 green chili, 1 red onion, 1 mango and a handful of cilantro. You could make this ceviche with pretty much any type of fish. Next on our ceviche bucket list is a scallop ceviche. We roughly chopped the ceviche into 2cm squares and the mango into 1cm squares, and placed this in a large bowl. We then added the thinly sliced red onion, the green chili and the cilantro. We seasoned it with some salt and pepper, and then added the juice of 8 limes. We set the bowl in the fridge for about 45 minutes. The acid in the lime juice will actually “cook” the fish. We found that for the thickness of the fish, this was the perfect amount of time.

The mini sweet potato pancakes

If you’re serving this dish as an appetizer for two, one sweet potato will be more than enough for the mini pancakes. However, we wanted to make a bigger batch so we could snack on the pancakes later. So we popped two sweet potato pancakes in the microwave in a bowl that we covered with plastic foil. Our potatoes took about 5 minutes to cook in the microwave. We then mashed these potatoes with one egg and some salt, and thats it for your pancake “batter”! We placed small circles of the thick “batter” in the pan, and they were ready after just a short few minutes on each side.

This is a super easy appetizer, but its absolutely delicious! The sweet potato pancakes, the sweet mango, and the spicy chili in the sour ceviche, is just the perfect combination of flavors. We absolutely loved this dish! It was so good that we’re still enjoying it a couple days later!


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2 thoughts on “Ceviche with mango and sweet potato pancakes

  1. Compared to everything I can find on the web, your recipe really is unusual,original and well thought through. It looks fresh, colorful, tasty, yummy, filling yet healthy. Honest congrats for the composition of this ceviche and the tips for quickly cooking the sweet potatoes.


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