Carrot cake with ricotta frosting

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Merry Christmas everyone! If you ask us, Christmas is the best excuse to spend with your family and friends cooking and baking all day long. Not like you ever need an excuse to do that, but there is something extra fun about it during this time of the year! So why not bake a carrot cake and whip up some lovely ricotta cheese frosting? It might sound a little strange at first.. but I’m telling you.. this was a slice of heaven. The carrot cake was perfectly moist and the frosting was super rich, creamy and flavorful!

The carrot cake 

I’ve always been a big carrot cake fan.. and once it gets a little cold outside its a great excuse to pop some carrot cake into the oven. I’m quite particular when it gets to carrot cake, but after trying several recipes and making slight adaptations.. I believe to have found the perfect recipe. This (not so secret) carrot cake recipe has never betrayed me. All I do differently is add in a little extra sprinkle of cinnamon, 1 extra teaspoon of vanilla, substitute 1 of the cups of white sugar with 1 cup of brown sugar, and I skip the pecans. The baking time might vary a bit depending on how many layers your making. I only made one layer, because our oven is quite small and we only have one springform pan. Nevertheless, it was absolutely delicious: super moist and the perfect amount of sweetness.

The ricotta frosting

For the frosting I mixed together 150 grams of ricotta cheese, 2 table spoons of butter, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and about 1/3 cup icing sugar. I slowly added in the icing sugar just to make sure that it wouldn’t be too sweet. This is a super luxurious frosting that is just a bit more flavorful and interesting than your standard cream cheese frosting. This frosting recipe is really the key to the perfect carrot cake!

Enjoy your Christmas and happy baking!





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