Shakshuka with an Italian twist

IMG_9811 copyIMG_9815 copy

Shakshuka is one of those dishes that is pretty much tasty any time of day. This dish with poached eggs is traditionally made with tomatoes, onions, chili peppers and cumin. It is believed to have an Tunisian origin. This time I decided to give this dish an Italian twist.

I started by chopping up 1 leek, 1 onion, 1 chili pepper, 1 red bell pepper, half a courgette and 2 cloves of garlic. I lightly fried the garlic and onion in our stone pan with some olive oil. Shortly after, I added in the rest of the veggies. Once the veggies started to cook a bit, I poured in a can of diced tomatoes. I seasoned the veggies with salt, pepper, thyme, basil and lots of oregano. Considering the fact that Chef John was my inspiration for making this dish, I obviously couldn’t leave out some cayenne.

Once the shakshuka was beautifully seasoned, I made two small dents in the shakshuka to poach the eggs in. I dropped in the eggs, sprinkled in a good about of grated gouda cheese and placed a lid on top of the pan. You gotta be careful not to leave the pan on the heat for all too long, because the shakshuka will be so hot that the eggs will continue to cook when the heat is off, before you get the chance to serve the dish. All the flavors in the pan will really do wonders for the poached eggs.

I served this dish with a sliced baguette, which I grilled in olive oil. I believe this is pretty much essential. It’s just so lovely to dip the bread in the shukshuka and of course, in the perfectly runny poached eggs.

This recipe is super delicious and so easy for any time of day. And if I may say so myself.. giving a shakshuka an Italian twist was a great idea!




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