Fish burgers

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Happy new year everybody! For those of you that have entered the new year with a slight headache.. whats better than treating yourself to a next level burger? Today we present to you a super delicious and juicy next level fish burger. This fish burger patty was perfect with the crunchy bun, the red onion, fresh spinach, tomato, cucumber and sweet chili sauce. It might seem complicated but these fish burgers are super easy to make!

To make this fish burger we used cod, but you could probably use any kind of white fish. We started by mincing 250 grams of cod. We did this by very finely chopping the cod with a good knife. We placed the minced fish in a bowl and mixed this with 1 finely chopped red chili pepper, a hand full of very finely chopped spring onion and a couple leaves of finely chopped basil. We seasoned the fish mixture with a little bit of salt and some freshly ground black pepper. To make sure that the patties stay together, we added in two table spoons of bread crumbs and one egg. If your fish is quite moist it may be necessary to add in a bit more bread crumbs until the minced fish is the right consistency. Once the minced fish is properly mixed with the rest of the ingredients, we formed two large patties and grilled these in a grill pan with a drizzle of olive oil. We grilled the patties for approximately three minutes on each side and then we were ready to build our burgers.

The spring onion, fresh chili pepper and basil in the fish patties adds the perfect amount of spice and flavor to the fish patties. And the sweet chili sauce on top balances out the slightly spicy fish burger patties. Reflecting back on these amazing fish burgers, I’m thinking it would also be lovely to to pickle the onion in red wine vinegar. These fish burgers were absolutely delicious and we will definitely be making these again!


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