Lasagna with pumpkin bechamel, ricotta and spinach

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You may recall that around this time of year we are just completely obsessed with pumpkin. It so happens that we also love lasagna, especially if it includes a rich béchamel sauce. This is why we decided to combine these two loves into one amazing dish: a lasagna with pumpkin béchamel.

The following recipe includes a couple of steps in order to create all the separate layers, but we promise you will not regret making this beauty. Here’s what you will need to feed four people: 600g of fresh spinach, 2 cloves of minced garlic, 150g of ricotta, 1 egg, 400g of pumpkin, 75g of butter, 100g of flour, 400ml of milk, 100g of grated parmesan, 150g of grated old cheddar cheese, 125g of mozzarella, 2tbsp of fresh sage or oregano, and (fresh) lasagna leaves

Pumpkin béchamel
Start by roasting your pumpkin  (read this post to find out how) or if you are in a hurry, microwave it! Once soft, puree it with an immersion blender and set aside. Take a medium-sized pot and melt the butter. Slowly add in the flour while stirring. Once the roux is golden brown, slowly pour in the milk and whisk. Once all the milk is mixed into the roux, bring it to a boil for about half a minute. Then, add your pumpkin purée and season with salt, pepper and oregano (or sage if you have it on hand). Although usually a béchamel doesn’t include cheese, we sprinkled in some grated old English cheddar and it was delicious, so we suggest you try it!

The lasagna
Heat a medium-sized pan with some olive oil and add the minced garlic. Then add in the spinach and fry until wilted, set aside. In a separate bowl, mix the ricotta with the beaten egg and season with salt and a generous amount of pepper. To assemble, start with a layer of pumpkin béchamel on the bottom of the baking dish. Next, put down a layer of lasagna leaves and spread it with the ricotta mixture and cover with a layer of spinach and some shredded mozzarella. Continue until you’ve finished your ingredients, but make sure to end with noodles and a layer of béchamel topped with some mozzarella and the parmesan.

We must admit this is one of the richest lasagnas you will ever encounter, but that’s what makes it so incredibly delicious! Cheese lovers like us will go crazy for these layers of goodness (hello, there are four cheeses in this lasagna!). Yet, the pumpkin and spinach add an interesting touch. We suggest you make this sooner rather than later!


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