Cheese’s Monthly Food Diary

As I was collecting all my food pictures for this month’s food diary, I realized that I’ve literally spent this entire month in food heaven. Actually, I was in Amsterdam, Tenerife and Leiden. Luckily I have photo evidence to prove that all this food was not just a dream.

At 5&33 in Amsterdam they have a lovely collection of small and big dishes to share. Although it was almost impossible to choose, we decided to start off our meal with some delicious slow cooked octopus with chickpea puree and rosemary eggplant, followed by  an amazing pork tenderloin with mushrooms and truffle mash. I personally would have never thought of the combination of slow cooked octopus and a chickpea puree, but it was to die for! And what can I say, the pork tenderloin was absolutely perfect.

If I could rewind and play this dinner at Kabuki in Tenerife a million times, I certainly would. We choose the menu that was recommended by the chef, which had a great combination of Japanese dishes with some Spanish influences. Every single dish on this menu was just so divine, rich and absolutely beautiful. All the dishes were served on gorgeous plates and they were all to share. To start with we had soy beans with goma-dare,   fried eggplant with miso dressing and mollusks sashimi. This was followed by spicy tuna with fried egg, spring onion and black canary potatoes, some thinly sliced white fish with white truffle, and some thinly sliced fatty tuna with bread and tomato. Every single bite of every single dish was breathtaking.. Although it was pretty much almost a tie between all of the dishes, I’d have to say that the fatty tuna was my favorite. After this, we got some thinly sliced red king prawn, head juice and sushi rice. After eating the king prawn, the idea was to dump the rice in the sauce to make sure you could enjoy every little bit of that magical stuff. At this point in the dinner we thought it couldn’t get any better, but apparently it could.. we were surprised with some marinated salmon in miso sauce that was grilled on charcoal, which was followed by the Kabuki nigiri sushi selection. Last but not least, we got a selection of several little desserts, which were certainly the cherries on top of the cake.


In Tenerife they have so much delicious super fresh fish, so of course we couldn’t resist a lovely ceviche in a restaurant overlooking the beach. I’ve still been eating ceviche every time I’ve seen it on the menu and I’m still loving it! This ceviche had some olives and onions pickled in red wine vinegar on top, which was a great combination. Note to self: I need to make some of these onions pickled in red wine vinegar! Besides them being super tasty.. they also look really cute!

I was so lucky to get this amazing dinner at M.B. in Tenerife as a present during Christmas time! It was insanely good.. another dinner I definitely will never forget! We choose the “Great Tasting Menu” and I can tell  you that this name doesn’t completely do justice to the food. I would call it something like the “Great(est) Tasting Menu (in the world -ever)”, just so that you can mentally prepare yourself for this crazy divine experience. After a couple of delicious small appetizers, the dinner started off with a lukewarm, slightly pickled oyster with cucumber sake slush, pickled shallot and sea mist. I have never seen a oyster prepared like this, but it was magical. This was followed by some welded shrimp in ceviche on slightly spicy iced corn powder, smoked razor shells and Tiger’s Milk ice cream. After this we got some truffle gelatin on a bed of smooth foie-gras cream, which had a delicious sweet and salty touch. Then we got a grilled hake fillet covered in thin slices of Iberian bacon, over truffled young spinach and smoked stock. This was followed by a honeyed and crunchy suckling lamb over a lentil stew, seasoned with raz el hanout, and pumpkin ravioli. Usually in restaurants you can kinda try to guess and figure out how they might have made a dish, but that would be pretty much impossible in this restaurant. Each of these dishes seemed to be a crazy chemistry experiment. But we weren’t done yet! Three (!!) desserts were still waiting for us! The first dessert was a “lemon”, followed by a mini coconut filled pina colada on a passion fruit cream and its ice cream. And to end the wonderful food journey, we were served a wonderful iced chocolate sponge on hazelnut cake, coffee ice cream and frozen whisky. After this dinner we were all totally in awe and we felt food-fulfilled for the rest of our lives. I even thought I might never go out to dinner again, because it would never be the same again.. which is true.. but who was I kidding! I love going out to dinner!


A couple days after being back in the Netherlands, we went to Siri Thai in Leiden. This is a lovely small Thai restaurant, which we had never spotted before. We shared a duck breast in panang curry with fresh vegetables, basil and coconut milk, as well as some spicy prawns in green curry, served with aubergine, fresh vegetables, Thai basil and coconut milk. Both dishes were super rich and scrumptious, and had just the right amount of spice. I need to attempt to make one of these Thai curries myself sometime! We will definitely be coming back here again!

All in all, I’d rate my food life during the holiday season a 20 out of 10. I swear it couldn’t get any better. Mmhmm I’m still enjoying every single one of these dishes.




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