Spinach, kale and artichoke dip

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This magical dip is super easy to throw together and it’s pretty much perfect for any occasion. From lunch to a midnight movie snack, you name it.. a spinach, artichoke and kale dip will always fit in the picture! But for those of you who aren’t familiar with this heavenly dip.. don’t get deceived by the seemingly healthy title. Because it’s also super cheesy! Yum!

For the dip you will need 150 grams of spinach, 150 grams of kale, 400 grams of canned artichoke hearts, 1 onion, 125 grams of cream cheese, 125 grams of mozzarella, 50 grams of sour cream, a handful of grated gouda cheese, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 red chili pepper, a handful of chives, and a sprinkle of cayenne, salt and pepper. We served this dip in a crunchy (slightly hollowed out) sour-dough bread, but you can of course dip away with whatever makes your day!

We chopped up the garlic and onion and tossed this in a large pan with some olive oil. A few minutes later, we threw in the spinach and then the kale, diced chili pepper and some chopped up chives. Once the spinach shrank completely, we added in the diced artichoke hearts, sour cream, cream cheese, cayenne, salt, pepper and most of the grated cheese and mozzarella. It would of course be even better if you used fresh artichoke hearts and saved the artichoke leaves for dipping, but this would require quite a bit more patience. Once the cheese melted, we poured the dip into the hollowed out bread, sprinkled on the remaining cheese and popped it in the oven. The cheese on top started to bubble and we knew it was time to indulge in this wannabe healthy dip!

It’s a super easy dip to throw together last minute and it’s oh soooo tasty! Also it’s super cheesy, and this is totally compensated by all the healthy veggies! I know that’s not how the world works.. but wouldn’t that be nice?


Cheese and Chinese


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