Salmon stacks with wasabi crunch

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Every once in  a while, we like to go all out in the kitchen and prepare the perfect appetizer. You know, the kind that is not only super tasty but also aesthetically pleasing. The kind that when you put it on the dinner table, no one can help but exclaim how great it looks. So we got our creative juices flowing and made these beautiful salmon stacks: fresh seaweed, fluffy rice, lightly grilled salmon and a crunchy wasabi crust. We are head over heels in love with this combination!

For two salmon stacks, you will need the following: 1 cup of sushi rice, 150 grams of fresh salmon, 125 grams of seaweed salad, 1 sheet of nori (dried seaweed), 1 bag of cruncy wasabi peanuts, wasabi paste and black sesame seeds.

You might wonder how we got everything into a perfect square shape; for the rice, we used this handy dandy ricecube. If you don’t own one of these, you can shape your sushi rice quite easily with your hands if you wet them a bit. The wasabi crunch is made with wasabi peanuts (this kind); the ones that have a crunchy shell encasing the peanut. For the salmon, make sure you choose a nice looking piece. It should be relatively thick but square, so you can cut the perfect squares out of it.

Let’s get started!

Start by cooking your sushi rice according to the instructions or in a ricecooker. In the mean time, smash the wasabi peanuts with a broad knife and remove the peanuts. Use the same knife to cut the wasabi shells into smaller pieces. Remove the skin of the salmon filet. Pat on the wasabi crunch and press down to make sure it sticks. Heat up a little bit of vegetable oil in a frying pan (medium high heat), and place the salmon filet with the wasabi crust on the bottom. Fry each side for about 1,5 minutes. For the best (and most delicious) result, it’s best if your salmon does not completely cook through. Once your rice is ready, place into the ricecube to form. Cut the same sized squares from the salmon filet. Use scissors to cut about a 1,5 cm ribbon of nori. To assemble, place some seaweed salad on a plate, top with the rice cube and the salmon, wasabi crust facing up. Put the nori ribbon around the gap between the rice and the salmon. For an extra touch, put a dollop of wasabi paste on the plate and smear with a little spoon. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Next time you want to impress someone or take cute instagram pictures of your food (or both, even) we strongly recommend you make these salmon stacks. You will love these cute little things!


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