Spicy Thai coconut curry noodle soup

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The other day I was feeling a little bit under the weather and I knew that if I wanted to fight my cold the all-natural hippie way, all I would need was a scrumptious spicy soup. So I figured that a Thai coconut curry noodle soup would be the answer. Okay maybe it wasn’t the ultimate cure.. but at least for the entire time it took me to eat this noodle soup, I felt pretty great. I’m not sure if this can be explained by the Vitamin C from the lime in the soup, from the spicy chili that got my nose runny or if it was just the wonderful taste that somehow gave my immune system a boost. That’s up to the scientists to decide. But either way, you need to try out this super delicious soup!

Ingredients to serve two
○ 2 – 3 tablespoons Panang curry paste ○ 250g chicken thighs ○ 200g noodles ○ 750ml chicken broth ○ 200ml coconut milk ○ 1 bok choy  ○ 1 red chili ○ 1 egg ○ 2 limes ○ 2 cloves of garlic ○ cayenne, salt and pepper to taste

Making the broth
We simmered 1 liter of water on low heat and added in the chicken thighs with the juice of one lime, and some salt and pepper. We let the chicken simmer on low heat for approximately 1 hour. If you got more time on your hands, you could boil the chicken for quite a bit longer on a lower heat, to soften up the chicken even more. After this, we took out the chicken thighs and pulled the chicken with two forks. There is nothing like some pulled chicken in a spicy coconut curry soup! We saved 750ml of the water in which the chicken simmered and added half a stock cube, just to boost up the flavor a little bit. If you have an all-natural freshly home-made chicken broth or you have some leftover in the fridge, this would of course be even better. ALSO, we have two things to tell you. First of all, you’re the best and second of all, we wanna be you.

Finishing up the soup
Now that you’ve got your chicken and broth all ready to go, it’s time to add a huge scoop of coconut milk to your soup. We also added in the Panang curry paste, the chopped chili and garlic, the zest of one lime and some salt, pepper and cayenne to the the soup, and placed this on a medium-high heat. We then threw in the noodles into the soup so they could soak up all the wonderful flavors while they boiled. In a separate pan we boiled a egg for 6 minutes. When the noodles still had 4 minutes boiling time remaining, we threw in the roughly chopped bok choy. After 4 minutes, we turned off the heat and added the juice of one lime and placed the pealed egg in the soup. And there you have it.. the ultimate, life-saving cold cure that will leave you wondering why they even ever invented strepsils and nose spray.

Cold or no cold.. you need this super easy to make Thai curry coconut noodle soup in your life! Its perfectly spicy, yet fresh and limey. Oh and the pulled chicken.. We ♥ pulled chicken! As a matter of fact, we love any meat pulled.. and after making this wonderful recipe we impulsively ordered a slow cooker. So I’m sure lots of lovely slow cooked meals will be featured on our blog soon! I’m also sure that we will have #noregrets for our impulsive purchase! And when I’m on a roll of telling you all the things I’m so sure of anyway.. I’m gonna go ahead and tell you that I’m also 100% sure that you will love this recipe!


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