Crispy chicken wraps with homemade ranch

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Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself to some super delicious comfort food. And by sometimes we really mean always.. because as you should all know by now.. every night is comfort food night in our house. So tonight was certainly no exception and we treated ourself to a crunchy chicken wrap with homemade ranch dressing. Yep, we made it completely from scratch! We’re not sure if they serve crunchy chicken wraps in heaven.. but if they do.. these are definitely the ones they would serve! 

Ingredients for the ranch
○ 1 cup of mayonnaise ○ 2 cloves of garlic ○ 2 tablespoons sour cream ○ 1 teaspoon vinegar ○ 1 small handful of chopped parsley ○ 1 small handful of chopped chives ○ some heavy cream (depending on the consistency of your mayo) ○ salt and pepper to taste

Making the ranch 
We started by making some homemade mayonnaise so that it would be the perfect consistency.. not too thick and not too thin. If you have time to make your own, we’d recommend this whole-egg mayonnaise recipe and just make sure you don’t mix it until it is completely stiff. Otherwise, store-bought mayonnaise will be just fine! But if you’re gonna go all out with unhealthy comfort food, you might as well go all out! Once the mayonnaise was done, we mixed the mayonnaise with the rest of the ranch ingredients. If you added store-bought mayonnaise, it is probably necessary to thin it down to the right consistency with some heavy cream.

Ingredients for the pico de gallo salsa
○ 5 freshly diced tomatoes ○ 1 finely chopped red onion ○ juice of 1 lime ○ 1 red chili ○ a handful of chopped cilantro leaves ○ salt and pepper to taste

Making the salsa
Once you’ve chopped and prepped all the ingredients, combine it all in a large bowl and that’s it! This salsa is super easy to make and it’s just so much better than store bought salsa! Actually, that’s not even a fair comparison.

Ingredients for the chicken wraps (3)
○ 300g chicken thighs ○ 1 sliced avocado ○ 1 pack of tortillas ○ some lettuce ○ 1 lime ○ 1 egg ○ 1 cup of flour ○ 1 cup of Japanese bread crumbs (panko) ○ lots of vegetable oil

Making the chicken wraps
Okay so now it’s time to fry some super crispy (yet perfectly moist) chicken. Prepare your flour by mixing it with a little bit of salt and pepper. You can really add any herbs or spices you like to the flour, but this time we kept it simple. Chop up  the chicken in the desired pieces and individually roll these in some flour, then dip them in some whipped up egg, dip them back in the flour, and then in the egg again, and then.. last but certainly not least, dip them in the Japanese bread crumbs. I know.. you gotta add quite some carb to the chicken but it’s totally worth it. Thats just what it takes to make a wonderful crunchy piece of chicken. Now put the chicken in the pan with the hot vegetable oil (about a 1cm layer), and flip these after a couple minutes. Meanwhile grill the tortillas in a grill pan and get those perfect grill lines. I guess we might have a little thing for grill lines, because we tend to a little bit too excited when we get the perfect ones on our tortilla. We know, it’s kinda weird. Anyway, once the chicken is golden brown, assemble your chicken wraps with the sliced avocado, lettuce, salsa, homemade ranch and of course, your chicken.

Oh my.. these chicken wraps are just everything you need on a Monday night. We’re currently drooling just thinking about these crunchy chicken wraps. In fact, even one of the chicken wraps itself was drooling (the one on the right), because it was so beautifully juicy and crunchy. Don’t be afraid that you’ll feel guilty after eating this.. that’s the last thing you’ll be thinking of after you finish eating one of these heavenly wraps!


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