Chicken satay with peanut sauce and coconut-lime rice

IMG_0415 copyIMG_0420 copyThere are very few things in life that I like more than peanut sauce. I think I could literally eat it every single day for the rest of my life. This is why a good satay always makes me very happy, especially if the satay is accompanied by some sweet-and-sour cucumber and sticky rice (a.k.a. the holy trinity). The satay is super flavourful and juicy because of the marinade, and is perfectly complimented by the rich satay sauce. Also, this time Cheese and I went for a special twist on white rice, by slowly cooking the rice in coconut milk and adding some zingy lime zest.

Satay + satay sauce (for two)
○ 300 grams of chicken thighs ○ the juice of one lime ○ three heaping tablespoons of (all natural) peanut butter ○ 200 ml of coconut milk ○ two minced garlic cloves ○ one small chopped white onion ○ one teaspoon of fish sauce ○ three table spoons of sweet soy sauce ○ a sprinkle of cayenne or one chopped red chili ○ skewers

Cut the chicken into cubes and marinade them for as long as possible (half an hour to overnight) in two tablespoons of sweet soy sauce and one of the minced garlic cloves. Once you’re ready to grill ’em, string them onto your skewers and grill in a lightly oiled pan on all sides for about 12 minutes in total. You want that beautiful charring! To start on the sauce, heat up a little bit of vegetable oil in a small pot and add the chopped onion and chili, followed by the other minced garlic clove. Once this has cooked through a little bit, turn down the heat and add the peanut butter, two tablespoons of sweet soy sauce and the teaspoon of fish sauce. Stir well and then add in the coconut milk. Keep on low heat for a few minutes while stirring occasionally, you do not want this to burn! Lastly, add the lime juice and stir one last time and then turn off the heat.

Coconut-lime rice (for two)
○ 200 grams of white rice (jasmine works best) ○ 200 ml of coconut milk ○ the zest and juice of one lime ○ 3-4 tablespoons of coconut flakes

We actually made this rice in our rice cooker, which is the easiest thing ever! All you have to do is add the rice, lime juice and coconut milk – if there is not enough liquid (depending on your ricecooker requirements), add water. Turn the machine on and all you have to do is wait! Once finished, stir in the coconut flakes and lime zest. However, if you do not own a rice cooker this dish is easily made in a pot like this: bring the coconut milk to a boil and then immediately add in your rice. Turn the heat down and cover the pot to cook for another 10-12 minutes (until the coconut milk has more or less evaporated). Stir in the lime juice, zest and coconut flakes and you’re done!

Sweet-and-sour cucumber
one cucumber ○ two tablespoons of vinegar (rice vinegar works best) ○ two tablespoons of white sugar ○ 250 ml of water

In a small pot, add the water, vinegar and sugar over low heat and stir until the sugar has dissolved. While leaving this to cool, slice your cucumbers very thin – for example with a peeler or cheese knife (lifehack!). Add the cucumber slices to the liquid and leave for as long as possible to pickle. It works after half an hour but waiting over night makes these even tastier!

Thank you letters with regard to this recipe can be addressed to Cheese and Chinese at Just kidding, but we wouldn’t blame you! 😉 We guarantee that you will love this meal because all the flavours just go so well together. You’ve got spicy, sweet, salty, creamy and zesty all in one plate. The key to the perfect satay sauce is for sure the lime juice, so don’t forget about that. Off to the grocery store you go then, because you need this in your life (tonight)!


Cheese and Chinese


7 thoughts on “Chicken satay with peanut sauce and coconut-lime rice

  1. Oooo, now you have me drooling over satay sauce early in the morning… It took while before we found the perfect satay sauce recipe and I love it to bits. Like you said; there are few things better than a really good satay sauce! (and to my horror I just realized I’ve not yet shared that on the blog….! On to rectify that mistake immediately!)


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