Sesame crusted tofu and veggie rice bowl

IMG_1286 copyIMG_1285 copyRaise your hands if you’re excited to eat tofu! Yeah, that’s what we thought.. Tofu is only exciting if it’s done right, at least if you ask us. Good thing we found out a rather exciting way to eat tofu: in fact, this recipe might change the way you feel about tofu forever!  All you have to do is add a crunchy sesame crust, a sweet but spicy peanut dipping sauce, some veggies and serve it all over some fluffy rice.

Two rice bowls
○ 375 g firm tofu ○ 4 tablespoons sesame seeds (black and white if possible) ○ 1 egg ○ 200 g white rice ○ 1 head of broccoli ○ 100 g mushrooms ○ 1 green onion ○ 2 minced garlic cloves ○ 2 tablespoons oyster sauce ○ 3 tablespoons peanut butter ○ 2 tablespoons sweet soy sauce ○ 2 teaspoons sriracha ○ 300 ml (coconut) milk

Cut the tofu into 1 cm thick slices. For extra crunchiness, fry the slices in a frying pan with a little bit of oil for 2 minutes per side before adding the sesame crust. Beat the egg in a small bowl. Dip each tofu slice into the egg and then into the sesame seeds which you have spread out on a plate. Return to the frying pan for another two minutes per side. In the mean time, boil your head of broccoli and cook the rice according to the instructions. For the peanut sauce, heat some oil and add one minced garlic clove, cook for a minute and then add the peanut butter, sweet soy sauce and sriracha. Stir for another minute and then add the milk. Quickly fry the mushrooms with the other clove of garlic in a separate frying pan for a couple of minutes until nice and brown. To assemble, toss the broccoli and mushrooms with the oyster sauce. Layer a good amount of rice in each bowl and top with the veggies, tofu slices and drizzle the sauce over or keep on the side for dipping. Garnish with some chopped spring onions and you’re ready to eat!

We just loved this tofu recipe because the sesame seeds add a lovely nutty flavour and awesome texture to an otherwise bland ingredient. The peanut sauce just completes everything! This time our peanut sauce is a little more milky than our previous recipe, since this works better for dipping. Also, if you’ve never used oyster sauce before, you need to start right now! It’s the perfect sauce to add to any veggie for lots of flavour and umami-ness. We hope we’ve managed to make this tofu bowl sound as exciting as it truly was!


Cheese and Chinese


6 thoughts on “Sesame crusted tofu and veggie rice bowl

  1. Love the pictures, it looks so tasty! I’ve never tried to cook tofu because I always heard it was very difficult to get right (flavours etc.) do you have any additional tips? 🙂 Also, I was wondering why you prefer to use black and white sesame seeds. Is there a difference in flavour? That’s it for my questions today haha! Keep up the good work.


    • Thanks so much, we appreciate it! I must admit I’m not super experienced in the tofu area either, but I like it best when it’s fried so the texture becomes more crispy – and you will always need a good sauce in my opinion! While we chose black and white sesame seeds because they look nice in combination, I think in terms of flavour there’s only a slight difference – the black ones are a little nuttier and the white ones more subtle! Hope that answers (part of) your questions, haha! Thanks again!


      • Thanks for the reply! You definitely answered my questions. Me being typical Dutch I need some help when learning different cuisines, haha! Okay okay, there’s a toko relatively close to my house so I’ll go there soon and then try to cook tofu. Will let you know how that goes 😁 see ya!


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