Mexican stuffed mini bell peppers

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Today we present to you some super delicious stuffed mini bell peppers. This makes a great appetizer or snack, which is easy to prepare ahead of time and just quickly pop into the oven  before serving. Besides them being super tasty, they also look nice and colorful. We served these mini stuffed bell peppers when we had some friends over for a Mexican themed three course dinner. It was a nice and relatively light vegetarian starter to prepare our guests for the ultimate soft-shell tacos, aka the Mexican pulled pork tacos with lime coleslaw and pico de gallo. 

Ingredients for four (8 half stuffed mini peppers)
○ 4 mini bell peppers ○ approximately 1/4 cup canned kidney beans ○ 1/8 cup canned corn ○ 1/4 cup homemade pico de gallo ○ half an avocado, diced ○ one small hand full of grated gouda cheese ○ one small handful fresh cilantro ○ a sprinkle of cumin ○ a sprinkle of paprika powder  ○ salt and pepper to taste

Stuffing the peppers
Once you’ve taken out all the ingredients from your fridge and cupboards you’ve already done half the work! Especially if you’ve already made some pico de gallo for the rest of your meal, there is really not much more work to be done for this recipe. All it takes is slicing the mini bell peppers in half, and subsequently combining all the ingredients in a bowl (except for the cheese and avocado). We scooped the stuffing into the mini bell peppers ahead of time, and once we were almost ready to serve the appetizer, we sprinkled on the grated cheese and placed the peppers into a pre-heated oven on 175 degrees celsius for approximately fifteen minutes. Before serving we added the diced avocado on top and sprinkled on the fresh cilantro.

This recipe is so quick and easy that we can almost not call it a recipe. The easiness of this appetizer makes this dish just even more enjoyable. The fresh and juicy pico de gallo goes just great with the rest of the ingredients. Oh and the cheese… hmmm. I was gonna suggest that if you left out the cheese you would have a super healthy starter.. but actually.. please don’t do that. The cheese is pretty essential if you ask us. It almost always is.


Cheese and Chinese


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