Cheese’s Monthly Food Diary

I just love reflecting back to all the wonderful dishes I ate outside of the Cheese and Chinese household in the previous month. This month, I ate a little less cheese and lots of Asian food.

My sister recently moved to The Hague, which is famous for their Asian cuisine. So I now have a great excuse to try out all the wonderful restaurants in The Hague. By coincidence, Chinese had recently told me that she has always wanted to try out Little V in The Hague. So I got a little curious and decided to try it out before her, since I got the opportunity. Little V is a lovely Vietnamese restaurant with a great atmosphere. Literally every inch of this restaurant is decorated. In all honestly, perhaps the decoration is a little bit overdone, but thats a matter of taste, of course. It is certainly not the most “authentic” Asian restaurant in The Hague..  Nevertheless, the food was still delicious. We started out with a great cocktail followed by some chicken and shrimp spring rolls (excuse the not so great pictures). When we ordered the spring rolls they clearly explained that the fresh spring rolls were not fried.. which seemed a little obvious.. but hey.. I can’t complain, they were great!

For the main course, my sister and I shared some chicken coconut curry (cari ga), grilled shrimps (tom noung), stir-fried choisam with tahoe and garlic (cai xao toi), and stirfried noodles with egg, chicken, bean sprouts and some other vegetables (mi xao). The chicken coconut curry was my personal favorite. Although the shrimp were great, we only got about three, which wasn’t completely worth the price.


For my birthday I went out to eat at Ron Gastrobar Oriental in Amsterdam with my family. Before we even ordered any food, I was already impressed by the sambal and the prawn crackers. Not to mention the super cute menu!

We were a little overwhelmed by the wide variety of delicious choices. We pretty much wanted to order every single thing on the menu. So we decided to start out with some dumplings so that we could take our time and carefully choose the rest of the dishes. Hands down these were the best dumplings I’ve ever had. On the left you see the steamed sieuw mai with scallops, Chinese mushroom and spring onion, in the middle the steamed, then fried, chicken kauw choi kau, and on the right you see the black and white prawn ha kau with tobiko and wasabi mayonnaise.

Luckily, at this restaurant all the dishes were to share. I say luckily because that increased the amount of dishes we would be able to try. After some serious deliberation we had a made a selection. As a starter we shared the baked lamb pancake with mango chutney; smothered pork meat with char siu sauce and coriander; soft shell crab, king brown mushroom and coconut; BBQ spareribs; and duck soup with wonton, duck hearts and sesame oil. I seriously would not be able to pick a favorite. They were all incredibly delicious.

Just when we thought that it couldn’t get any better, the main courses arrived. The main courses were also all to share. We got a roasted peking duck, which had an incredibly crispy skin and was perfectly pink on the inside, and we also had the steamed lobster. Ahh they both had so much flavor!


Belgium is famous for their shrimp croquettes, so whenever I’m there I order these to make sure I don’t miss a single opportunity. In this restaurant in Belgium, I also ordered a cheese croquette to go with the shrimp croquettes, because you know, it’s me and it’s hard for me to resist cheese. Although the cheese croquette was pretty good, the amount of shrimp in the shrimp croquettes was quite little. So it was more like a fried shrimp-flavored roux. This motivates me to make some shrimp croquettes myself with lots of shrimp.

Anyway, I certainly can’t complain about the food that the world had to offer this month!




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