Frugal Friday: Brie, Kale & Bell Pepper Quesadillas

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We’re back again with another Frugal Friday recipe! Today we are featuring one of our favorite dishes: the quesadilla. If there was anything that we’d have to eat for lunch every day for the rest of our lives, it would probably be a good quesadilla. For this recipe, we decided to upgrade our usual quesadilla by opting for brie and adding in some veggies. And just like that we created the perfect easy dinner recipe without breaking the bank! You’ll be ready to dig in within a matter of minutes, for sure. And here comes the best part: this meal will cost you no more than € 2.40 a person!

4 Quesadillas (or dinner for two)
○ 8 flour tortillas (€ 1.50) ○ 200 g brie (€ 1.55) ○ 150 g kale (€ 0.75) ○ 1 red bell pepper (€ 0.89) ○ 1 minced garlic clove (€ 0.10)

Making the quesadillas
○ Cut the red bell pepper into cubes. In a frying pan, heat a little bit of vegetable oil with the minced garlic clove. Sauté the bell pepper and kale for about 3 minutes. Season well with salt and pepper.
○ In the same frying pan or a grill pan, start heating one flour tortilla. Place slices of brie on the flour tortilla and top with the veggie mixture. Top with more brie and the other tortilla.
○ Flip after about 3 minutes to fry the other side. Once the cheese is melted and you have nice grill marks, you’re ready to eat!

We felt pretty daring using brie for a quesadilla, as we had never tried this before. Turns out brie was the right choice all along, as it was perfectly melty and went really well with the kale and bell pepper. After a long day, there is nothing quite as satisfying as sitting down to a yummy quesadilla that takes little to no effort. We can definitely recommend this one!


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4 thoughts on “Frugal Friday: Brie, Kale & Bell Pepper Quesadillas

  1. Bij de Aldi zijn de tortilla’s nóg goedkoper! 😉 En brie ook. En alles wordt beter met kaas en brood. (PS Zelf tortilla’s maken is nog goedkoper!)


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