Asian crab cakes with ginger & lime aioli

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Are you dreaming of a delicious crab cake that’s perfectly moist, crispy and packed full of flavor? Well.. we’ve got you covered! The ginger, the soy sauce, the celery, and the lime give these crab cakes a nice and fresh Asian twist. This crab cake recipe might not be the most traditional, but it’s a little less hassle, just as yummy, and probably the secret to getting your crab cakes perfectly moist. Paired with the quick lime aioli, these crab cakes are simply little bites of heaven.

6 Crab cakes
○ 200 g crab meat ○ 1 egg ○ 2 tablespoons mayonnaise ○ 2 teaspoons mustard ○ 2 teaspoons soy sauce ○ 2 stalks celery, chopped ○ 1/4 cup panko breadcrumbs ○ 1 teaspoon cayenne ○ 1 minced garlic clove ○ juice of half a lime ○ salt and pepper

Mix together all ingredients except the breadcrumbs and season well with salt and pepper. Form 6 small patties and dip into the breadcrumbs on both sides. In a frying pan with a shallow layer of oil over medium heat, fry the patties for about for minutes per side or until they are golden brown.

Ginger lime aioli
○ 4 tablespoons mayonnaise ○ 1 minced garlic clove ○ 1 teaspoon grated ginger ○ zest of one lime ○ salt and pepper

For this cheater’s version of aioli, all you have to do is mix together all the ingredients above and enjoy!

These crab cakes are so easy throw together, your dinner guests won’t even notice it took you no effort to make this appetizer! Surprisingly enough, these were also quite budget proof since we used canned crabmeat. Shhhh, that’ll be our little secret okay?


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