Pad Thai Spring Rolls


Today we decided to fuse two of our favorite cuisines and coincidentally two of our favorite dishes – pad thai and Vietnamese springrolls. We would literally eat anything if it came in a soft rice paper roll but nothing beats rolling up your favorite noodle dish in more carbs! While we usually love having springrolls as a light appetizer, this version makes for the perfect main course. We just love the savory noodles paired with the crunchy veggies and fresh mint & lime!

6-8 springrolls 
○ 150 g jumbo shrimp ○ 100 g rice or egg noodles ○ 8 rice paper sheets ○ 100 g bean sprouts ○ 1 red bell pepper (chopped lengthwise) ○ small handful of mint ○ 1 red chili ○ juice of one lime ○ 1 lengthwise-chopped green onion ○ 1 minced garlic clove ○ 4 iceberg lettuce leaves ○ 1 heaping tablespoon tamarind paste ○ 1 tablespoon fish sauce ○ 2 tablespoons sweet soy sauce ○ sweet chili sauce for serving

In a medium-sized pot, boil the noodles according to the instructions but undercook by 2 minutes. In a large wok over medium high heat, combine the garlic and spring onion. After about a minute add  in the shrimp, as well as the tamarind paste, fish sauce and sweet soy sauce. Stir for a minute then add in the undercooked noodles. Wok for another minute to combine. Squeeze over the lime juice. Fill a deep plate with warm water and lay in a rice paper sheet to soften (see this tutorial on how to roll springrolls). Top with some mint leaves (about 3 per roll), half a leaf of lettuce, bell pepper strips and chili – then add the pad thai and roll up. Make sure not to overfill! Once all your rolls are ready, serve with some sweet chili sauce and enjoy!

While our rolling skills are far from on point, these rolls tasted amazing regardless. So don’t be afraid if you don’t get it right the first time! Good thing this dish requires you to work a bit for your food, or else we’d be having roll, after roll, after roll.. They’re just that yummy!


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