Homemade pasta with sage butter


Hello pasta lovers. Hello sage fans. Let us introduce you to heaven. This pasta dish is incredibly simple but incredibly delicious. We would like to warn you though.. once you get your hands onto the dough you might not ever be able to go back to that cheap, dried grocery pasta ever again… BUT at least we can promise that although it will cost a little bit of time, it’s a whole lot better.

I first met this dish during lunch at a restaurant on a rainy weekday. I was super excited about ordering this dish because I was hoping that it would bring some sunlight to my day. I know, it sounds dramatic but..  I was pretty disappointed and my day looked a little bit more cloudy after this dish. The sage butter just didn’t have a sage-y enough flavor, so it really just tasted like pasta with butter. (We’ve both been noticing how much food -either good or bad- can influence our mood.) After telling Chinese about this disappointing experience, we both got the courage to perfect this promising dish. We were extra motivated because I had just gotten a pasta machine (from Chinese #cleverpresent) for my birthday. After doing some research, we came to the conclusion that this dish takes nice and fresh pasta and a whole lotta sage.. so this is how we did it:

Making sage pasta for two
○ 1 3/4 cup flour ○ 2 eggs ○ 3 tablespoons of butter ○ 16 sage leaves ○ 2 cloves of garlic, chopped ○ 1/2 lemon, juiced ○ zest of 1/2 a lemon ○ hand full of freshly grated parmesan ○ salt and pepper to taste

We started out by getting our hands into the flour and egg to make the pasta. We followed this recipe and made a double batch of tagliatelle, so we could enjoy our very own homemade pasta another day with no extra effort. Once you make tagliatelle you can easily freeze it in. We separated the layers of pasta to make sure it wouldn’t stick together in the freezer. We hung the batch of tagliatelle that we were gonna enjoy for dinner (improv style) over a chair. So after some good dough kneading and pasta machine spinning (this would make a great work out program) we were ready to make our sage butter.

We melted the butter in a pan and once the butter started to melt, we threw in the garlic and the 16 sage leaves (we know its a lot – but its called sage butter for a reason!). Let the butter brown slightly and absorb the sage flavor. The sage will brown and curl up slightly. Remove from heat and add the lemon juice and zest. Meanwhile we boiled the pasta for about four minutes. We drained the sage leaves on a paper towel to make them extra crunchy. We tossed the sage butter through the pasta and topped it with the crunchy sage leaves and roughly grated parmesan.

This dish might take a little bit of effort, but it’s totally worth it! If we may say so ourselves, we totally perfected this dish. Both the pasta and the sage butter were divine. We’ve always believed that the best pasta dishes are the simplest, and this dish totally followed this belief.


Cheese and Chinese




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