Cheese’s Monthly Food Diary in NYC

This month I got to enjoy some of New York City’s finest food treasures. I’ve been to NYC once before but this time my mom and I hunted down some of the city’s most precious food, like true foodies on a mission #foodtourism. All these dishes were a total knockout.

We started out our food adventure at Eataly. It reminded me of Foodhallen in Amsterdam, but then dedicated to Italian cuisine, and slightly fancier with table service and real plates, and all that good stuff. We shared a pizza and a pasta dish because we couldn’t choose. The pizza was nice and thin, and had a crunchy crust. It featured spicy Italian sausage, Parmesan and incredibly soft, homemade mozzarella. The pasta was like no other pasta I’ve ever had before. Wide tagliatelle, with a divine lamb meat sauce and freshly grated Parmesan. Yum!!

(Excuse the poor quality pictures, which totally don’t do justice to these divine dishes).

We continued our food journey the next day at TAO. The interior of the restaurant itself was already impressive itself, and the food exceeded my expectations. TAO had some traditional Asian dishes, and many with an interesting twist. The trio of salmon, tuna and yellowtail sashimi with wasabi salsa was one of these dishes with an interesting twist. The wasabi salsa was not too overwhelming and complemented the thin sashimi incredibly well. Pork dumplings with chili sesame glaze followed this dish. The dumplings were steamed and slightly fried on one side, which added a nice crunch. After this we had the satay of Chilean sea bass with miso glaze, and peking duck spring rolls with hoisin sauce. I will definitely be attempting the sea bass satay with miso glaze myself some time soon!

Another evening in NYC we went to Cosme, a restaurant that is inspired by contemporary Mexican cuisine. Cosme’s chef, Enrique Olvera, creates dishes that are rooted in Mexico’s traditions and flavors, but adjusts them and incorporates local ingredients from the Hudson Valley. The dishes were all super creative. We started with the raw blue shrimp a la veracruzana, with garlic oil, olives and avocado, and the cobia al pastor, with pineapple purée and cilantro. Just wow. Such interesting combinations, and such intense, but fine flavors. Even the most simple ingredients (such as the tomatoes) were absolutely delicious.  As a main course we had duck carnitas, which were served with onions, radishes and salsa verde. The duck spent 8 hours in the oven. It had a perfectly crispy skin and fell apart once you cut into it. SOOO juicy. Hmmm. Last but not least we had the husk meringue, with corn mousse. This dessert looks so simple, which I love about it.. because looks can be deceiving. Again, a very delicious and creative dish. Although we probably would have enjoyed it more if we weren’t so full from the irresistible duck.


For lunch one day I had this lamb sandwich with extremely spicy mayo. (Whoops sorry, I forgot the name of the restaurant where we had it at!) This sandwich was great, although the lamb was slightly dry. Regardless, it was delicious and I particularly appreciated that the spicy mayo was actually really spicy. Because in my opinion, spicy mayo is never spicy enough.

We ended our food journey through NYC at Gato. First of all, props to the waiter because she was excellent at describing the food and making you feel like you had to order every single thing on the menu #FOMO. Luckily we were finally able to make a decision. (Unfortunately quite a few of the pictures of the dishes at this restaurant somehow went missing on my phone – so I’m sorry for the lack of visual evidence of these amazing dishes!) Anyway, as a starter we each choose three small dishes, which they served on small plates together on one platter. I choose the chorizo crepinette, with apricot mostarda, and pickled fennel; the piquillo filled with raw tuna, and saffron sauce; and the seared yellowtail, with pickled fennel, and peppadew peppers. I started eating a little bit of each to try and pick my favorite, so that I could end with a bite of that one. But I literally couldn’t choose. They were all amazing. After this we shared two main courses, just so that we could taste the maximum amount of dishes. We went for the crab risotto with calabrian red chile, topped with garlic bread crumbs; and the rabbit, with fregula sarda, pine nuts, fresh peas, crispy ham, and carrot hot sauce. Ahh they were both insanely good. Although I’m afraid I’ll never be able to cook a rabbit to such perfection, I’m hoping that one day ill be able to make such a delicious crab risotto. After all this, we couldn’t resist a dessert. So we choose the fromage blanc cheesecake with calvados caramel, and apples and anise. We were a little hesitant at first to choose the cheesecake, because we thought it might be a little standard. However, the waiter convinced us that it was probably the best dessert on the menu and that it was farrrr from standard.. and she was absolutely right. Again.. just WOW.

If you’re ever in New York City, I can certainly strongly recommend any of these restaurants. Until next time New York. I can’t wait to discover more of your culinary treasures.




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