Chinese’s Paris Food Diary

Three weeks ago I spent the weekend in Paris with two dear friends. Since one of them currently resides in Paris, I knew I could count on her to bring me to all the good food spots. Because whenever the three of us are together, we eat. The whole weekend was basically spent going from one restaurant or café to the next. Just the way I like it. I’m sure this diary includes a bunch of hidden gems you might not read about in your average Paris guidebook, so this is a must read if you’re planning a trip to the city any time soon! (Or if you just want to see a bunch of pictures of really good food.)


Only once before in my life have I witnessed noodle-making, and I must say it’s so cool to watch (and eat). My favorite dish in the whole wide world is ho fun (thick rice noodles) with roast duck, but the noodles taste about a hundred times better if they are made right in front of you. It goes without saying that I was incredibly happy my friend brought us here, she just knows me too well! Check out Mianguan on 34 Rue de Belleville if you want to experience this for yourself.


On one of the rainy days we were desperate for some shelter and a good cup of coffee. We stumbled upon La Caféothèque (50-52 rue de l’Hotel de Ville Paris), which turned out to be a super nice coffee place with lots of special coffees and whatnot. We enjoyed some nice flat whites and the cozy atmosphere.


My absolute must on any citytrip is to visit a foodmarket. The Marché des Enfants Rouges (38 Rue de Bretagne) was packed with people, which is no surprise, as there were so many amazing-looking places to eat and buy produce. We had a wander around and finally settled down at the Lebanese place, which was an excellent choice. We got to choose from all kinds of salads, dips and veggies accompanied by flatbread and köfta (for me), shawarma or chicken kabobs. Afterwards we had some great baklava. I thoroughly enjoyed this meal and it is what inspired me to make the köfta with quinoa tabbouleh.


I cannot even begin to describe this ice cream: it is literally the best I have ever tasted. Pistachio is usually my go-to flavor, but this pistachio was on a whole other level. What I love most about it was the slight touch of saltiness. Also, eating ice cream at this place is a true luxury experience: the interior is super fancy and the staff takes their ice cream very seriously. A must visit, for sure: Il Gelato del Marchese, 3 Rue des Quatre Vents.


On our last day in Paris we were in the mood for a good brunch. My friend took us to La Recyclerie (83 Boulevard Ornano) , which is a really cool abandoned train station. You essentially buy a ticket for brunch (ours was Scandinavian themed), then get unlimited baguette, coffee and juice as well as a huge plate with warm dishes (beans, scrambled eggs, mushy peas, sausages, salmon, cheese, ham, you name it) as well as dessert. Everything is organic and super tasty. I loved this!

I really loved skipping the tourist traps and seeing Paris through the eyes of a local, cause in my opinion that’s what a citytrip should be about.As you may have noticed, I failed to eat any French food – I guess I will have to go back again!




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