Tortellini & veggies on a stick


We’ve made the discovery that no one should ever discriminate against the type of carb you decide to grill or fry. Fried gnocchi, but also this grilled tortellini, is totally delicious! We can’t believe we’ve only discovered the magic of grilling pasta now! It probably goes against all the traditional food rules, but you know what.. this dish rules! We combined this grilled tortellini with a crunchy cheese crust, mushrooms, onion and cherry tomatoes, which was all grilled with a truffle-infused pesto. Oh and in case you’re wondering.. “why on a stick”? Well.. because you get the perfect combination of each ingredient, it ensures grilling efficiency, you can throw it on your BBQ (which will prepare you for summer), finger food is fun AND it looks cute, of course!

○ 250g fresh tortellini ○ 1 onion ○ 150g mushrooms ○ 175g cherry tomatoes ○ 1 big handful of grated gouda cheese ○ 1 tablespoon white truffle oil ○ 50g fresh pesto

Cook the tortellini until it’s al dente. You don’t need to cook the pasta for all too long, because it will continue to cook while you grill it. Meanwhile, roughly slice the onion and mix the truffle oil with the pesto. Once the tortellini is al dente, drain the water and cool it with cold water. Proceed to put all the ingredients on the sticks, and drizzle it with the truffle-infused pesto. Now you’re ready to grill the tortellini sticks in your grill pan or on your BBQ. Make sure to continuously turn the sticks. In the mean time, cover the pan with a lid to make sure that the veggies soften sufficiently. When the veggies have softened and the tortellini has started to get crispy, you’re ready to seal the deal with the crispy cheese crust. Throw some grated cheese directly into the pan and lay the tortellini stick on top. Do this for every stick. Once the cheese starts to get crispy onto the tortellini sticks, you’re ready to serve!

We promise, this dish is an absolute game changer!


Cheese and Chinese


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