Mango & Surimi Summer Rolls


The sun is finally peeking through the clouds here in Amsterdam and this calls for a summery dish! We’ve shown you our own take on fresh spring rolls before, but this time we wanted to give it a more seasonal twist with some juicy mango and crispy green asparagus. You’ve gotta be open for new flavor combinations, and you’re just gonna have to take our word for it again.. because this combo is pretty unique and pretty damn good. They taste nowhere near traditional fresh spring rolls.. and therefore the name “summer rolls”.

Side note: In all honestly, we’ve never really understood why some people decide to call them “fresh spring rolls”, while others call them “summer rolls”, but this time we felt summery about them and felt that it was appropriate to go for the name “summer rolls”.

○ 10 rice paper sheets ○ 100g cooked rice noodles ○ 1 sliced mango ○ 2 sliced avocados  ○ 200g surimi ○ 3/4 tablespoon wasabi ○ 100g asparagus ○ 1 grated carrot ○ half a sliced cucumber ○ sliced chili ○ sweet chili sauce

Start by grilling the asparagus until they soften, but are still nice and crunchy. Once you’ve sliced and prepped all your other ingredients, combine the sliced surimi and wasabi in a bowl… just to spice things up a little. Now add warm water to a large bowl to soften your rice paper in. Once you place the rice paper in the warm water for just a few seconds, your ready to roll up all the ingredients in the rice paper. It took us a couple attempts until we got the perfect roll, but this tutorial really helped us out with the rolling process! Once you’re done rolling, you’re ready to dip these babies into the sweet chili sauce and enjoyyyy!


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