Cheese and Chinese’s Prague Food Diary

Some time ago Cheese and I visited Prague to see our best friend. Good thing the three of us share a mutual passion for food, so we spent a whole weekend eating, eating and well, eating. On our previous visits we covered most of the sights, so this time we were on a mission to discover all the great food Prague has to offer.


On our first day we visited a lovely market (Jiřák farmers market in Zizkov) with lots of cute stalls with homemade food and produce. We had a good cup of coffee and shared two cakes: one of them was this delicious lemon meringue pie. It was the perfect kickoff to this food-filled weekend!


Soon after we headed to the TV tower (Mahlerovy sady 1). Being the cheap skanks that we are, we opted to have a drink in the bar instead of paying an entrance fee to get to the viewpoint (lifehack!). Unexpectedly, the drinks at the panorama bar were absolutely amazing. Cheese had a sparkly ginger drink with pomegranate, while I had a super sweet orange and lavender drink. Everything was made with fresh ingredients and was just absolutely yum!


To end this already perfect day we had a wonderful dinner at Čestr (Legerova 75/77), a place we had already heard so much about from our friend. This place is for true carnivores, as you get to pick the cut of steak you like from a huge diagram of a cow. Of course we had a couple of starters first: our favorite was the beef ‘sashimi’ which was very smooth slices of tenderloin served with sake, mirin and apple-ginger purée. We also had a lovely ceviche and steak tartare. Then each of us had our own steak with fries on the side. I went for the oyster blade which super delicious and just a little bit fatty.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also had some pretty great desserts. Cheese had a peanut & dark beer flavored ice cream which was great. My friend and I shared a streusel with bone marrow (!!!) which freaked us out a little but was very delicious in the end. This place is a must visit for any meat lover, it is a true experience! The staff was wonderful (especially the sommelier) and the ambiance is great.

Two of our guilty pleasures whenever we are in Prague are pictured above. The first is a slice of pizza you can get at one of these hole in the wall places in the underground station (!) of Muzeum. It is dirt cheap but so good! The thin crust is just lovely, we go back every time. Our second guilty pleasure is fried cheese. The Czechs sure know how to do this! We’d eat cheese in any shape or form, but battered and crispy fried is just that much better. You can get this at almost any traditional-ish place.


Last but not least, we had Vietnamese at a place called Banh mi ba (Rybná 26). It might have to do with the fact that we were absolutely starving on our last day, but the food tasted amazing. We loved that the springrolls were served with a peanut sauce, since we usually serve it with a chili sauce. Something to remember for the next time we make some! The highlight of the meal was definitely our banh mi sandwiches, because no sandwich in the world can beat a banh mi if you ask me!

Prague remains on of our favorite cities in Europe, and not only because we are lucky enough to have a great guide with us every time. The city is so beautiful and there is so much (food) to discover! Also, don’t forget to down a couple of those cheap and tasty beers once you’re there.


Cheese and Chinese


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