Swedish Meatball Wraps


I’m sure we’re all pretty familiar with the Swedish meatballs made internationally popular by a particular chain of furniture shops.. They sure are my guilty pleasure! The other day I was craving the scrumptious combination of soft meatballs, creamy gravy and sweet jam. I never thought I could pull it off, but these were surprisingly easy to make and about a hundred times better than at IKEA. I still would love to have the real deal in Sweden one day though.. Anyway, in true Cheese and Chinese style I decided to wrap everything up; I added in some crispy lettuce and called it a day. This is a super fun, new way to satisfy your meatball craving!

300g minced pork + beef (mixed) ○  1 minced garlic clove ○  1 finely chopped onion ○  100g breadcrumbs ○  1 egg ○  1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

Thoroughly mix together all ingredients with your hands, then form small meatballs. In a large frying pan over medium high heat with a little bit of vegetable oil, brown the meatballs on all sides. This takes about 4-5 minutes, but it is not necessary (yet) to cook the balls all the way through. Once done, remove the balls from the pan.

3 tablespoons butter ○  2 tablespoons flour ○ 200 ml beef broth ○ 100-200 ml milk ○  1/2 tablespoon lemon juice ○  1 minced garlic clove

In the same frying pan but over medium heat, add in the butter and melt. Next, stir in the flour and garlic with a wooden spoon. Stir until the roux browns slightly, then slowly pour in the beef broth and stir for another two minutes. Depending on the thickness, you can add the milk. Slowly stir in the milk until you get a smooth sauce (the consistency of a thick gravy). Lastly, add in the lemon juice and season with salt and pepper.

Now it’s time to finish off the meatballs in the sauce. Add them into the pan again and simmer for another 5 minutes.

○ 4 flour tortillas 4 spoonfuls of lingonberry jam ○ 2 handfuls of lettuce/baby spinach

Lay out the tortillas and cover with a bed of lettuce. Nestle about 6 meatballs on top, spoon over a tablespoon of lingonberry jam – now roll up!




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