Broccoli Salad with Bacon


When one of our friends told us about broccoli salad about a year ago, we were intrigued. We love broccoli, but the idea of eating raw broccoli was completely new to us. Ever since the first time we tried this, it has become a true staple: it’s the perfect side, mealprep or dish to bring to a potluck. The lovely thing about it is the dressing: if you prepare the salad a bit in advance, the dressing slightly pickles the broccoli and onions, which is absolutely delicious! The bacon adds a lovely savory smoky touch, but of course it can be left out if you prefer to go veggie. Either way, you need to try this!

○ 1 head of broccoli ○  150g cherry tomatoes ○  50g bacon ○  1 pink onion ○   2 tablespoons white wine vinegar ○  5 tablespoons olive oil ○  1 tablespoon honey ○  1/2 tablespoon mustard ○  1/2 red chili ○  1 garlic clove

In a small bowl, stir together the vinegar, olive oil, honey and mustard. Finely chop the red chili (remove the seeds if you don’t want it too spicy), slice the onion into thin half rings, mince the garlic, and cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Rinse the broccoli and chop into small florets. If you like your broccoli on the softer side, you can steam the florets (over a pot of boiling water or in the microwave) for about 2 minutes, but this is not a necessary step. Toss all the veggies with the dressing and set aside for about an hour. In the mean time, fry or bake the bacon until super crispy. To assemble, crumble the bacon into the salad or arrange nicely into a bacon tower (!) as we did on each plate. We promise you this will become your favorite way to eat your veggies!


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