Thai Red Curry Risotto


We are both huge risotto fans! It takes a little patience to make, but the end result is always delicious! We’ve tried all sorts of Italian variations of risotto, and we’ve concluded that you can never really go wrong with a risotto. In our wild mushroom and truffle risotto recipe, we confessed that one of the main reasons we love risotto is because it’s the only type of rice where it’s acceptable to add cheese. However, this is probably one of the first times we’ve made risotto and it wasn’t exactly Italian and it also didn’t involve cheese!

When we came across Lindsay’s (from Love and Olive Oil) Thai red curry risotto recipe, we immediately knew we had to try it! Of course, once we tried out this creative and interesting recipe, we had to share our thoughts on it with you!

This recipe is super easy to make.. it’s just a little time consuming! But like we said, that is always the case with risotto.. and at least we can promise that every second of your precious time will be worth it! Because every second is well spent on the red curry infusing into the risotto. Although both of us were ecstatic to try out Lindsay’s very original recipe, one of us (Cheese), has always been a little skeptical when it comes to pineapple in savory dishes. However, this dish has changed Cheese’s entire perspective on pineapple and savory dishes (thank you Lindsay!!), because the texture and sweetness of the pineapple combined incredibly well with the rest. The creamy, yet spicy red curry risotto was just perfect with the sweet pineapple, the fresh cherry tomatoes, the juicy chicken thighs and the slightly crunchy bak choy.

For those of you who have never tried a Thai take on risotto, you need to try Lindsay’s innovative recipe!


Cheese and Chinese


One thought on “Thai Red Curry Risotto

  1. Damn this looks too delicious! I love risotto and each and every single step in preparing it: carefully adding the stock ladle by ladle, the light smell of wine when preparing the onions, the pure indulgence of adding cheese and butter at the end… Totally hooked.


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