Salmon, Mango & Avocado Rice Bowl


Anything that involves rice, avocado and raw salmon makes us very very happy. Add some mango in the mix and we’re ecstatic! This rice bowl comes with spicy marinated salmon, and is the perfect dish to eat during those late summer days..

○ 300g fresh sashimi grade salmon ○ 1 large avocado ○ 1 mango ○ 1 red chili ○ 2 stalks green onion ○ 1 lime ○ 200g cooked white rice ○ black sesame seeds for garnish

About an hour before eating, roughly slice the salmon and toss in the lime juice. Chop the red chili and mix with the salmon, then season with salt and pepper. Slice the avocado and mango make them equally sized. Layer a generous amount of rice in a bowl, top with salmon and green onions, then alternately with avocado and mango. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and enjoy. Easy does it!


Cheese and Chinese


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